STN Meets with Public Works

Before Fall Break, members of Stop! Take Notice met with Mr. Chip Knauf and Ms. Kristen Rice from Public Works to discuss concerns about safety at dismissal. Below is the message senior Matthew Tolbert wrote to send to the Hume-Fogg faculty, parent, and student community regarding that meeting.

We are asking the Hume-Fogg community to Stop and Take Notice of a change to the intersections at 7th Avenue and Broadway, as well as at 7th and Commerce. Stop! Take Notice has been working with Public Works on improving these intersections because cars frequently turn into the crosswalks here when pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Over the fall break the light cycles at these intersections were reprogrammed to include a leading pedestrian interval (LPI). The LPI allows pedestrians to establish control of the intersection by activating the cross walk signal five seconds before automobile traffic is given the green light. This is a small change that may not be immediately noticeable, but it can make crossing the street safer by making pedestrians more visible to turning vehicles. We are asking students to be aware of this change and to take advantage of the extra five seconds to establish control of the crosswalk.

Drivers should NOT block crosswalks. This puts students and all other pedestrians in danger as they have to walk around the car and into traffic. MNPD understands that parents wait in a driving lane for pick up, but they have and will ticket us for blocking a crosswalk.

Going to school in the heart of downtown makes Hume-Fogg a unique high school experience, but it comes with the responsibility of being aware of our surroundings. Thanks for supporting our efforts to remember Elena by keeping our current student body safe.

Stop! Take Notice